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To Cure Drugs Addiction by Using Herbs

Drugs Against Drugs…
That doctrine is known in the Indonesia medical field and even around the world, which means that the drugs can not be cured except by drugs. The explanation is like this, people with drugs addiction is very difficult to be cured or treated except by using drugs also, in this case the substitution as a cure.

I have to say here, that it is not true or is not completely right. A team of  MEDDIA HERBAL, through on-going research has found the answer on the subject of drug addiction since a year ago. Armed with the experience of each person in the team, and thought we were determined to deliver this news to the whole world that DRUG ADDICTION be treated and cured with herbal products from Kutai Kartanegara – East Kalimantan, names BANDRUX and the span of time required to recover relatively very short.

During our reserch, we were given the opportunity by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to cooperate in terms to find that the result of our research is true. To do this we are working altogether with non-governmental organizations that deal with addiction and drug abuse in the Makassar Care Foundation Group of Narcotics, Drug Abuse and prohibited Drugs (YKP2N), which is located at Jalan Adhiyaksa Raya No.11 Makassar.

During the process of proving the benefits of Bandrux in its function as a cure from drug addiction, we accompanied and supervised by a physician and a psychiatrist in dealing with drug users. The following is about an experience we noted the evidence of drug treatment in Makassar YPK2N starting on October 17 s / d December 2, 2010.

The methods is very simple, that drug users are given therapeutic treatment using Herbal Bandrux without having to stop taking drugs under strict control. This therapy is conducted in eleven users.

Therapy is divided into 2 (two) groups:
1. Group one is those who use drugs without Methadone substitution.
2. Group two is those who don’t use drugs with methadone substitution.

From among all people in both groups, we divided them into 3 (three) types of users, namely:
1. Heroin users
2. Ecstasy Users
3. Methadone Users / user of all kinds of Heroin and Ecstasy.

Before the treatment done, Informed Consent must be done first. The medical report of drug users carefully recorded including when to start using drugs, types of drugs and therapies that ever lived. 
Performed a physical examination by a physician include Vital Sign and other diseases that may accompany it including HIV / Aids, Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Disease, and others.

Laboratory blood test is used (ie CD4) and Urine tests (to detect the type of drug used), and other laboratory tests if necessary. 

The Drug users also being tested psycholocally by psychologists with predetermined criteria, and its companion assess using the IRA. 

The Drug users is being in the condition to follow up every day and being companied with chaperones and being examined by a doctor every week or any time when is needed. And the result is showing that they gradually stop taking the drugs because of losing its effect soon they consume Herbal Bandrux. 

The results of treatment done to 11 (eleven) treated people is almost entirely free from the drug addiction of any kind, and some even follow the program in just a one month. 

The conclusion we can draw from the evidence are : 

  •  Herbal Bandrux treating various drug cases with more humane because they do not need to be isolated. 
  •  With Herbal Bandrux, drug addicted sufferers do not need to be forced to stop taking drugs, but they will top them selves because the effect of drugs is replaced by herbal Bandrux, it only takes a strong willingness to quit. 
  •  Herbal Bandrux is able to relieve the condition of addiction that experienced by drug users. 
  •  For users of drugs other than methadone type, then the workings of herbs will react more quickly. 
  •  Some of the other effects that can be felt by patient were bowel movements into normal, increase body weight, sleep patterns became normal, the perceived rigidity disappeared, and for some HIV-positive patients there was an increase in his CD4. 
  •  Herbal Bandrux is not a substitution therapy, because people with drug addiction could stop consuming the herbs if they feel they had healed. 

Excellence treatment of drugs addiction with the Herbal Bandrux includes: relatively short treatment time, cost incurred affordable, effective and successful treatment, and this can be done by your self at home without being isolated. 

Finally, after knowing this subject very well, what else you are waiting for, tell your family members, friends or colleagues who need this information, so the drug addictionsd can be cured from addiction for a brighter future and a better life. 

it's time to fight against drugs by using herbs, and it is Bandrux. 
the real heritage of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan - Indonesia

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